The basis of a fragrant home is the removal of odours, then comes the home experiments

Which household items smell the most? It’s the garbage, the sink, the waste, but also the sofa, which can become musty over time. Of course, there are many more places that can cause odours. We’ve put together a few solutions to get rid of the smell in your home.

Ventilate as much as possible

Ventilation is and always has been the first step to fresh air in the home. Closed windows will not eliminate the smell from your home, instead the smell will increase in intensity. If you ventilate properly, even in winter you may not have a whiff of “stale air” in your home. Just open the windows for a few minutes to let in a draft. This means that the windows must be open so that they are opposite each other, the wall is not obstructing the draught and the air flows nicely through the house or flat.


Odor Removal

It may take time to get rid of or locate any smelly culprits. But in the meantime, remove, clean and replace anything that exhibits any unpleasant odor. It could be mattresses, comforters, pillows, moldy or rotten food, window frames, trash cans, a pet’s bed – there really are a lot of places that can exhibit odors in the home. Also look in less visible places: behind the microwave, under the sofa, behind the TV, and elsewhere.

Scents at will

To make your home pleasant and fragrant, light scented candles or sticks. Sure to make your home smell like your favorite fragrance. If these things are far from you, use traditional or electric aromatherapy lamps into which you pour 100% essential oil. Watch the ingredients, the oil must be 100%. Even so, we must caution you to scent your home sensibly. It’s not for nothing they say too much of anything is bad for you. Use unobtrusive scents that don’t give you a headache. Also, try to avoid fragrances and the kitchen. Many foods like to absorb smells and then can give off an odor.


Fresh up the carpets too

Before vacuuming, spray your carpets with carpet air freshener and then vacuum them. If you don’t want to spend money on perfume, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. Leave for half an hour and then vacuum thoroughly. You’ll eliminate unpleasant odours, plus kill dust mites. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Your own air freshener

A home freshener that doesn’t cost a lot of money and smells really nice? It’s possible and you can put it in the closet, but feel free to put it in the vacuum cleaner or wherever you like. What you will need:

  • a cotton swab
  • essential oil

Making is very simple. Use a cotton swab or cotton and dip it in your essential oil. You can place them anywhere you want. You will get a pleasant and unobtrusive scent that won’t give you a headache.