The bay leaf is not just a spice for food. When lit, it has a calming effect

Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from a wide variety of illnesses and are more prone to anxiety, stress and depression. Therefore, it is not so easy to calm down and enjoy the overall well-being and joy of life. If this is the case for you, don’t hang your head! There is a handy trick that the ancient Greeks and Romans discovered. And if it was useful to them, it will surely be useful to you. It’s not difficult, all you need is:

  • Dried bay leaves
  • A non-combustible container
  • Lighter or lighter

No mixtures or decoctions

You don’t have to worry about having to mix or laboriously prepare anything. Just take a few bay leaves, place them in a non-flammable container and light them. Then wait 10 minutes. The result will certainly surprise you and may even be subconscious. If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ve walked into a room and been filled with a sense of peace and inner well being. It is quite possible that this feeling was caused by the scent of the laurel leaves, which induce a good mood and relax muscles and tense nerves.


More than spice

Bob leaves are known for their usefulness in the kitchen as a spice. However, they have more benefits than just enhancing the flavor of soups, beans and other dishes. For example, the ancient Greek and Roman peoples also believed in its healing power, so they used it not only in dishes but also in medicine against various diseases. And often with great success. It is therefore no coincidence that the laurel wreath is still portrayed today as a symbol of hope, victory and heroism.

Healing Benefits

Modern research only confirms all this, as it shows that laurel leaves not only have a calming effect, but are also used to fight kidney stones. They are also excellent analgesics. And that’s not all! Their oil has antibacterial properties and contains eucalyptus, which reduces cold and flu symptoms. In addition, these leaves can significantly lower blood sugar levels in diabetes or help with rheumatic pain and arthritis.