The British Royal Family is not a family like any other, special rules also apply to its travel

For most of us, the word “family” means a circle of people where we feel comfortable and can feel free to behave and relax. When it comes to travelling with family, it usually involves going on holiday together and enjoying new places and new experiences together, especially if children are part of the family.

British royalty, however, has for centuries been governed by a series of rules that cover virtually the entire lives of its members. These include rules relating to

  • getting married
  • holding elected office
  • wearing, and of course
  • traveling.

Which planes?

The rules in this respect are not very strict, for some trips official British government machines are used, but for most, flights of the British National Airline, which is supported by the British Royal Family as such.

Successors to the throne separately

The succession to the throne must, of course, be protected accordingly, which is why the rule is that successors can only travel together up to a certain age. This means that for now Prince William can still travel with his son George, but once the son reaches the age of 12, father and son will have to travel separately.


Always bring your clothes

One of the prescribed and observed rules of travel for members of the British Royal Family is that they must always carry mourning black clothing in case there is the death of another member of the Royal Family. This is so that the surviving member of the royal family will be able to step off the plane already properly dressed when they return.

Honouring the traditions of the country visited

Before the trip, the advisors will carefully study the dress customs of the country in question, so that members of the royal family do not commit a social misdemeanour or even offend the host by dressing inappropriately.

At the same time, members of the royal family always change their clothes before landing, and then they look neat in their new clothes, and it is impossible to tell that they have often had a long and tiring journey.

How Many Tongues You Know, How Many Times You Are King

An expression of respect for the traditions and culture of other countries includes a greeting in the local language, possibly accompanied by a few more basic phrases. Those members of the royal family who are expected to give such a speech always prepare carefully.

Family doctor as a fellow traveller

When the Queen travels with Prince Philip, their physician is with them at all times, due not only to their high status but also their age.