The choice of trees for the garden should not be underestimated. Only the right ones will bring benefit, beauty and practicality

A garden is not just a lawn or flower beds. It’s also trees, or even shrubs. However, the choice should not be underestimated, as only the right species will be of long-term benefit. The main selection step is clear – you need to set a goal. First, be clear about what you expect from the new additions and how much you intend to invest in them. Do you need the tree to grow as quickly as possible? Then you will need to invest in bigger trees. If you’re not in a hurry, you can get small seedlings or saplings. You’ll save money, but you’ll wait. Whatever you decide, try to make the whole garden work and harmonise with each other. Too many species in a small space is often a detriment.

Fruit trees: selecting and storing the right crop

Among the most commonly planted trees in Czech gardens are apple, plum, pear, cherry, sour cherry, apricot and peach. There is a plethora of varieties, choose according to your preferences. It is important to consider whether a particular fruit tree is suitable for your garden. Apricots and peaches often do not thrive in the Highlands, some soils are not suitable for pear trees, etc. If you are choosing a cherry tree, it is important to consider whether it is self-pollinating or whether it needs others to pair with it. You can also choose between semi and tall trunks, there are plenty of shrubs and hybrids on offer. Also consider whether you have somewhere to store the harvest from all your fruit trees.

Source: Pixabay

What do you think your hedge should look like?

Varieties of hedges are very popular. The sight of greenery is certainly more pleasant than the sight of a concrete fence. But which one to choose? The most popular hedge options include

  • thuja,
  • habr,
  • bird’s beak,
  • winterberry.

Whether you choose an evergreen or deciduous species, how fast it should grow, whether you want it to flower or fruit, and the desired final height of the fence are also important. If you are unsure about your choice, any garden shop will be happy to advise you.