The choice of windows is absolutely crucial for the functioning of the whole house!

There are so many types, sizes and compositions of windows on the Czech and international market, a layman cannot make sense of it all. And yet their choice is extremely important for every house and apartment. And it is not only the selection that is important, but also their installation. It is therefore essential that you always consult a professional and never try to install them yourself.

How to choose?

It may not seem difficult at first glance, but surprisingly it is. The big difficulty is that clients often make conflicting demands on them. Inconsistencies can be encountered in their shape, appearance, functionality and technical and insulating properties. You also have to think about the fact that they perform a great function in the energy loss of housing. When choosing, look in particular for:

  • choose the class according to the insulation of the house (you will be throwing money out the window with higher class windows),
  • compare the benefits of double and triple glazing in terms of thermal insulation,
  • don’t forget about safety fittings, tilt angle and other details.

Don’t forget the fresh air supply

When installing new windows, the emphasis is often on insulation only, with little thought given to the air exchange in the space. It is generally advised that half the air in a room should be replaced in one hour. Without this, you are likely to experience headaches, dizziness and this will be a particular problem in a home with gas heating or cooking. There may also be increased humidity, which can be removed by professional remediation.


Roof Windows

This atypical type of window is usually installed between the rafters. There should be at least a small gap between the rafter and the frame at the top and bottom. However, this must be kept in mind when the project is being designed. Installation in an existing building may be accompanied by minor problems, which can be solved by adding spacers or carpentry. Here too, however, you must think about the appropriate positioning of the heater in the room and the good shape of the lining. Therefore, you must always think about all the elements that are necessary for the proper functioning of the house.