The couple adopted the puppy without having seen it before. What’s their reaction?

People choose a dog not only according to character traits or whether they have a house with a large garden or an apartment. They have to like the dog. Therefore, it is not exceptional that many prospective owners go to choose their puppy in person. And it is also quite common that people like to visit their puppy and bring him treats when he still needs his dog mom. But some dogs have not been lucky enough to have owners…

Save dogs from falling asleep

Some dogs become undesirable to their owners. This is when people look for a way to get rid of the dog. The better ones find him a home on their own. Or at least put him in a shelter. And the worse ones get rid of dogs in a variety of ways:

  • they tie him up in a remote place or in the middle of town,
  • attempt to kill him themselves,
  • they lock him in a pen in the yard to live out his days alone,
  • or have the vet put him to sleep.


How to get rid of a dog?

Each of these methods is pretty tough. Fortunately, there are those among humans who will stand up for dogs. Tracy and Scott Whyatt have started a foundation called “Tracy’s Dogs.” Their goal is to save abandoned dogs from being put to sleep. The husband and wife team began traveling across states in the U.S. to collect dogs that their owners had dumped. They are trying to find new homes for these dogs.

How does the foundation work?

Dog applicants must fill out an adoption form and then they just wait for the perfect dog. Each month the foundation helps dozens of happy dogs find new homes. Scott simply loads them into a trailer and brings them to their new owners who are eagerly awaiting their new pet. The moments when new owners meet their dog are truly powerful. They are moments of joy and happiness. The moment of acceptance is especially touching.


They don’t know their dog beforehand

More interesting is the fact that people don’t know in advance what kind of dog they’re going to get. But it is assigned to them based on a completed questionnaire, so it can’t happen that they get something they didn’t actually want.