The dishwasher tablet has use not only on the dishes, but also in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place of cleansing the whole body, but even here you need to put your hand to the work and clean this room properly. It may not always be as easy as it seems. 

The bathroom is a room that is often damp and full of steam, but there’s no escaping it. The whole family showers, it doesn’t always air out, and soap residue and water droplets dry all over the shower, shower, tub and glass door.

But cleaning the bathroom can become a breeze if we use a suitable cleaner that not only gets rid of dried soap but also limescale build-up. Everything will be done quickly and easily and you will never want to clean your bathroom again.

This simple trick was invented by a woman from Australia, posted on her Facebook profile and inspired many other women and mothers who can’t get enough of this cleaning.


Need to clean your shower or shower head?

What we will need:

  • Washing sponge with a hole in it
  • Dishwasher tray
  • Gloves


Take a sponge and dig a hole the size of a tablet. Insert the tablet into the excavated hole. Wet the sponge and you can wash anything that needs cleaning. Then just rinse with warm water and everything will glow clean.

The dishwasher tablet can clean faucets, shower heads, shower curtains, shower glass and much more.



With this simple trick and without much scrubbing, we achieved a beautifully clean bathroom in no time like the woman from Australia in her video. According to her, many women now clean their bathrooms            and try to find new uses for dishwasher tablets, such as cleaning the oven.

Be careful with your hands and skin, though. The dishwasher tablet is a highly effective, but strong degreaser. You should prevent the product from coming into contact with your skin, so always wear protective gloves.