The fish are attacking households. Get rid of them easily

Squash creeps into people’s homes daily. It is also called “fishy”, it is slippery, fast and anyone who has tried to get rid of it knows that it is almost a superhuman task. In fact, this insect makes every effort to stay in your home and sometimes all your efforts can be in vain.

Can cause allergies

It is indeed an uninvited guest. Individuals who suffer from asthma may experience worsened symptoms due to it. For many, it causes watery eyes, shortness of breath and runny nose. This is because the scabies has a lot of bacteria on its legs, which it and its little body keep in the house.

Loves damp environments

You’ll find it mainly in the bathroom, basement and other damp areas. But once your whole house is full of moisture, it can also annoy you in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. That’s why your task is clear. Ventilate, get rid of the moisture, and you’ll get rid of unwelcome insects too.



To make sure you never get a tiny animal, keep a few basic rules in mind:

  • Make sure that you prevent excessive moisture in your house or apartment as much as possible
  • Keep the temperature around 22°C (72°F) as fish love warm places
  • Dispose of old paper or put it in closed containers
  • Store potatoes and fruit in a dry place, as they are loved by minnows

Were you too late to intervene?

If prevention hasn’t worked or you haven’t paid enough attention to it, you still have a chance to solve the problem, and quickly. Slice a medium-sized potato and place it in an open box. Place it in the place where the fish are most often found.

They love starch, so the smell of the potato will attract them to one spot. Check the box carefully, and when you see that it is full of fish, discard or otherwise dispose of them. Still, all the rules of prevention apply, otherwise more and more will appear.