The incidence of food allergies in infants and children is increasing dramatically

The incidence of food allergies in infants and children is increasing dramatically. According to preliminary results of several years of ongoing research, 80-90% of children under 3 years of age suffer from food allergies. The manifestations of food allergy are still ignored and downplayed. They most often cause colic, eczema, vomiting and stool problems. A procedure to get rid of food allergies reliably has been developed and tested. Most mothers have no idea that they are facing food allergies, which is why the problems last for many months or years.


„Unresolved food allergies persist and spill over into other forms of allergies, leading to lifelong limitations that reduce quality of life,&#8220 &nbsp says Ludmila Jiříčková, Food Allergy Detective, author of a method that offers solutions and is based on an individual approach to each child.

The aim of the new project „STOP food allergies in the Czech Republic“ is to raise awareness of food allergies and help with the recognition and solution of the difficulties they cause. Any food can be an allergen!


There is a solution. In an online course created based on the author’s personal experiences with her three children. The procedure has been tested with more than 400 moms over the last 4 years. The „Food Allergy Detective&#8220method&#8220helps identify which foods children are allergic to and offers guidance on how to get rid of acute health problems in a short time. All problematic foods are reintroduced over time, leaving children completely free of dietary restrictions.

Join the media project „STOP food allergies in the Czech Republic&#8220. You will help mothers find a solution to an often hopeless situation. Contact me for an interview, participation in an event, conference, TV broadcast, discussion or radio show.