The limescale on the faucets is reliably removed by the strong acid we commonly add to many dishes

Are you suffering from hard water and your faucets or sinks are always clogged with limescale? It is a known fact that such dirt is not easy to remove and some people have already invested a lot of money in remedies that did not even work as a result. You can simply help yourself with cleaning products that you have at home and are not too expensive.

Regular Cleaning

The bathroom is a place for relaxation and well-being. But dirt, mould and limescale can disrupt it. So take care of this room with the same care as you would any other. Scale build-up is always getting worse, and if the faucet is not cleaned regularly, it can become irreversibly damaged. Limescale has a high percentage of calcium and magnesium salts, causing the material to deteriorate over time under its pressure.


The anti-scaling agents available in the market are usually very aggressive and can damage the device itself. Last but not the least, these chemicals also have a negative impact on the environment. However, natural cleaning products are a nice alternative to help you solve these problems.

First do your research

Before you start cleaning, check what material you are dealing with so that you don’t damage it while cleaning.

In the bathroom and kitchen, vinegar is the most effective helper as it is cheap yet very effective. You can use it on stainless steel and brass. In the latter case, however, it is better to dilute it with water so that it is not so aggressive. Chrome faucets are best cleaned with alcohol, as it evaporates quickly and does not leave streaks. In this case, you will also disinfect the battery very effectively.


How to proceed

All you will need is vinegar, gloves and a sponge. Apply the liquid to the areas affected by limescale and leave it on for a while. If the limescale is really thick, you can sprinkle the area with more baking soda. After a few minutes, wipe off with a sponge and water. Then polish the battery with alcohol and you’re done. In a few minutes and with a minimum of money.

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