The look of the interior can be changed without investment, colours or a little more light will do the trick

The New Year is upon us and there are many resolutions and noticeable changes ahead. You may have decided to change your diet or your weight, but you may also have decided to finally take the plunge and change your interior design. Would you like to give your apartment or house a change that won’t cost a fortune? But are you still wondering how to do it? There are multiple ways that can help you renovate your interior without, as they say” picking your pocket”. Take a look at our tips for inspiration.


First, set a goal for exactly what you want to change. You can start with color. It is the color that can bring a complete change to the interior. In the latest trends for 2021, grey and yellow will reign supreme. These are colours that can add visual space, plus they can improve your mood. Even your visitors will feel comfortable in a pair of these colours. And if you’re going through a difficult time, these colours will encourage calmness in you. The best part is that you can bring colour into your home not only by painting on the walls, but also with accessories or furniture.


Lights please

Lighting is an important part of interior design, without it you couldn’t do it. And if you’re changing your interior, lights can help too. It’s not just about a new chandelier or a new lamp, it’s also about the bulbs, their colour and the strength of the lighting. Moreover, such lights can catch the attention of everyone who enters the space. Try dimmable lights. Also, the shade of the light should be more yellow than bright white. This could give you an eye sore. Try placing a light in each corner of the room, especially if the room is smaller in size.

Layering colours and fabrics

You’ve probably noticed a longer-term trend that points to mixing fabrics in interiors. These are compositions that are at first glance incompatible. For example, the layering of cushions on a sofa, which have different colours but also different materials. Or they are combined to create one shade in several undertones. Example: light brown curtains and white, beige, light brown and dark brown cushions are placed on the sofa. This combination of textiles will add a new texture to the interior.


Not new, like new – furniture

Replace your old furniture with a breath of new. We don’t mean buy new furniture and spend a lot of money on it. It will be enough if you breathe a new look to the old furniture. For example, paint it, redo the handles and so on. It’s the perfect way to relax and think differently nowadays. Or you can put a new cover on an old sofa. It instantly changes the look of the whole interior.

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