The most striking interior design trends for autumn and winter 2020

There is something different for every season. And this applies not only to cooking, but also to interiors. With the new season always comes new trends. The Hornbach experts regularly come up with comprehensive interior designs in several different styles. Of course, you don’t have to furnish your home exactly according to them, but it will give you a great overview of the colours, patterns and accessories. In this case, the trends are called:

  • Everything goes,
  • Family time,
  • Make space,
  • Coming home.

Everything goes

Minimalism has been very popular for a few years now, but this style goes against it. It puts more decorations in the place of minimalism. So you can fill a single room with palm leaves, flowers, a leopard or zebra print runner, small cushions, curtains and wall mirrors. There are strong tones of green combined with soft pink.


Family time

Family time is what we all value most in life. And just as your family is full of contrasts, Family time is built on contrasts. Dark and light, softness and hardness, old and new, warmth and cold all have their place in the same space. All together. Shades of grey with a subtle hint of pink are the base. This creates a perfect harmony that you will love to spend time in.

Make Space a Coming home

These two styles couldn’t be more different. Make space is highly functional, minimalist and based on the colours of wood, leather, stone and clay. Open space and storage areas are important here, where you put everything you would otherwise display. You can even put books in wooden boxes. And it doesn’t matter at all that their contents will be visible.

Coming home, on the other hand, is full of warm atmosphere, soft materials and rounded shapes. This concept is very close to hygge. If you want a similarly cosy home, complement it with many shades of red, pink and purple. However, be careful not to make the tones too aggressive. The softer the better.