The National Museum of Agriculture has a new branch in Ostrava

The National Museum of Agriculture is opening a museum of food and agricultural machinery in Dolní Vítkovice. The opening includes the opening of the exhibition 50 years of the Radegast brewery in Nosovice.

From Friday, September 18, the public has the opportunity to visit the new branch of the National Museum of Agriculture located in the Dolní Vítkovice area. The museum was built on the site of two former factory halls and visitors will find exhibitions dedicated to food and agricultural machinery. The branch will open with an exhibition on 50 years of the Radegast brewery in Nosovice. The museum will also join the Moravian-Silesian Region’s free admission event, which runs until the end of October.

The exhibition building of the National Museum of Agriculture in Ostrava has grown into two original factory halls in Dolní Vítkovice. The halls were brought back to life by the project of architect Josef Pleskot and engineer Milan Šraml, who connected the two halls with a generous building and erected a third hall in the gap between the halls, which imaginatively crowns the building complex. „We are glad that the first state museum in Ostrava is a branch of the National Museum of Agriculture. It may seem that the Moravian-Silesian region has little to do with agriculture, but it was, and still is, an agriculturally productive region. As far as iron and steel are concerned, they have played an important role in the development of human civilisation, including agriculture. That is why it was decided that the new branch of the National Museum of Agriculture would be built here. The ministry’s money, together with European money, helped save a beautiful industrial monument destined for demolition, and the museum has provided interesting and attractive content for it,&#8220 says Agriculture Minister Miroslav Toman.


The Ostrava branch offers visitors study depositories of agricultural technology, the Food Depository exhibition and the continuously renewed Gallery of Czech Food. In the future, the Museum is also planning a number of accompanying events and educational lecturing programmes for schools. „I believe that our museum will find its regular visitors, not only those from the Ostrava region. I hope that we will also attract our neighbours from Poland or visitors from the Czech Republic and that we will become part of the cultural life in Dolní Vítkovice, Ostrava and the Moravian-Silesian region,“ says Zdeněk Novák, Director General of the National Museum of Agriculture.


The 50th Anniversary Exhibition of the Radegast Brewery in Nosovice On December 3, 2020, it will be 50 years since the opening of the Nosovice Brewery, which, together with the Most Brewery, was the only brewery of its kind built in Czechoslovakia during the socialist period. After the closure of the brewery in Karviná, the question arose as to how the hard-working employees in the industry would be supplied with beer. The decision was made to build a new brewery in Nosovice and it is not without interest that the construction of the brewery buildings and the malt house was carried out by Vítkovické stavby, n.p. A number of modern and unique technologies were applied in the Nosovice brewery. These, too, can be seen at the exhibition together with various period objects. A part of the exhibition is devoted to restaurants and pubs, the issue of beer glass, beer labels and other proprieties.