The right colours make living more pleasant. But the wrong choice can be a nightmare

A cosy home is not just about furniture, furnishings and decorations. What must not be missing in any interior is colour. Many people often choose them either completely mindlessly or reach for the boring but proven classic – white paint. However, few people know that the right colour will make a home more pleasant, but the wrong one can make a home feel less comfortable and relaxing.

Meet the colours

The basic division is simple. We divide colours into warm and cool. In the first category, let’s include, for example, shades of yellow, orange and red. In the second group will definitely be purple, grey, but also the classics in the form of blue and green.

But not everything is black and white, there are also colours that are on the borderline of these classifications. The purpose of warm colours is to make you feel good, cheer you up and warm you up mentally. On the other hand, cold colours help you to concentrate, calm you down and automatically make the room feel cooler. Therefore, you need to choose everything carefully and think carefully about the main purpose of the room.

Source: Pixabay

Other color factors and their purpose

We should also not forget about their saturation. It is usually advisable to combine them with other elements of your room such as the carpet, the color of the cushions or perhaps the color of the furniture. It should not be chosen too saturated because then it can disturb the overall impression. On the other hand, lighter colours will make the room visually larger and brighter. It is therefore advisable to use them in a small room.

What do we get from this article?

And finally, we come to the heart of the problem. Here is an elaborate summary in brief points to help you decide.

  • Living room – preferably cream, white, grey or lavender (brightens and aerates the space)
  • bedroom – muted cool colours (green, blue, but you can’t go wrong with white either)
  • bathroom – preferably light colours
  • kitchen – a room where your imagination can run wild, here it’s entirely up to you
  • children’s room – definitely choose warmer colours

You can hire professionals to paint your room or you can try to do it yourself. Whatever you decide, I hope this article has helped you decide and I wish you the best of luck.