The sun in the sky is not only warming, it can clean and disinfect many things

Did you know that even Mother Nature can contribute to the cleaning of various kitchen items? Although you can find plenty of cleaning products in the shops, nothing compares to the sun’s rays in terms of disinfecting effects. Plus, it’s free and chemical-free. After you wash your dishes, place the following items in direct sunlight for a few hours and that’s it.

  1. Wood cutting boards

Despite some people claiming that the sun can disinfect wooden cutting boards, this has not yet been sufficiently proven. Either way, we do know that a wooden board dries faster in sunlight, ensuring that bacteria are less likely to occur on a wet surface.

  1. Waste bin

Take the trash can, dump the bag, and wash the entire inside well. Once you have rinsed it of dirt and detergent residue, let it dry in direct sunlight. The sun’s rays not only disinfect, but are also great at removing unpleasant odours, which is essential for a bin.

  1. Fridge drawers

Spinach in the fridge is sometimes unavoidable. Especially in the drawers where we usually store our fruit and vegetables. Mix water and detergent and wash the drawers thoroughly. Then put them in the sun for a few hours and let them dry thoroughly. The sun will destroy the bacteria that have formed from the moisture and remove the smell from the food.

  1. Food containers

Do you regularly bring your lunch to work in glass or plastic containers? If so, you know all too well how difficult it is to thoroughly wash and deodorise plastic containers in particular. There is a good chance that the boxes will remain discoloured, greasy and smelly. There is a handy trick for this, in which lemon juice and sunlight play the main role. Spray the container with lemon juice and then leave it in direct sunlight for a few hours.

  1. Shopping bag

Foam bags that you use frequently as shopping bags should be washed regularly. Just remember wherever you put your shopping bag:

  • In the boot of your car
  • In your shopping trolley
  • On the floor of the supermarket

Not exactly clean places. Wash your canvas shopping bags and leave them to dry in direct sunlight. If they are non-permeable bags, such as plastic, try to wipe them thoroughly clean of dirt and leave them in the sun as well. This will prepare them for reuse. This is not only hygienic but also environmentally friendly. You don’t have to throw each plastic bag in the bin after use, but you can safely use it several times in a row for as long as you can.