The supermarket chain has set up special disinfection teams, they are in all its branches

In view of the state of emergency, the well-known chain has established „disinfection teams&#8220of workers &#8220in its hypermarkets&#8220to keep its stores clean at all times. As a priority, they are in charge of regularly disinfecting frequently touched areas, taking care of cleanliness and preventing coronavirus infection. Customers will recognise them by their reflective vests with the words „disinfection team&#8220and the Globus logo. Fifteen Globus hypermarkets use approximately 75 litres of disinfectant per day.


„We have very strict hygiene rules that we carry out beyond the set regulations. There are many people who make sure they are followed, and first and foremost are the colleagues on the disinfection teams who make sure everyone in the hypermarket is hygienically safe. From morning to night, they disinfect shopping trolleys, Scan&Go scanners after every purchase, handles, grab rails or doors,&#8220 says Lutfia Volf, Globus’ head of external communications.

Globus uses approximately 75 litres of disinfectant every day. In a month, its consumption is around a quarter of a hectolitre and its value is a quarter of a million crowns. &#8222&#8222&#8217 At the moment when we could also have restaurants and cafés open, we will increase the number of disinfection team members and the consumption of disinfectants in each hypermarket,&#8220 &#8220  explains Lutfia Volfová, adding that the priority is to maintain high hygiene standards in Globus hypermarkets, as has been the case so far.


Basic Globus Hygiene Patero:

1. Disposable gloves and disinfectants are available to customers at the entrance to the store and other areas of the hypermarket

2. Shopping trolleys are regularly disinfected after each use and customers can pick them up at the entrances of all Globus hypermarkets

3. Customers are encouraged to shop contactlessly using Scan&Go scanners or the My Globus app on their smartphones, thus avoiding contact with other people while waiting at the regular checkout with the attendant. With 200 scanners and several dedicated Scan&Go checkouts in each hypermarket, there is no need to squeeze anywhere

4. Globus hypermarkets are among the largest stores in the country, so it is convenient to keep a minimum of 2 metres apart

5. We encourage customers to pay contactlessly in our hypermarkets, all our checkouts from regular to self-service to Scan&Go zones accept cashless transactions

Source: TZ