The toddler room has numerous specifics. Errors in furnishing can also create a dangerous place

The birth of a child is a wonderful event. And from then on, time passes like water and the newborn becomes a toddler. The conditions for getting to know him must be adapted to this. If he is to have his own room, it must be ensured that he has everything he needs. It must be practical and, above all, safe. How to do it?

It starts with the sleeping area, where instead of a cot with a slatted bed, you need to get an almost adult bed with a barrier. A two-year-old child has completely different needs and requirements than a six-month-old, which should be taken into account when furnishing the nursery. Safety still comes first. Blinded drawers, secure window opening, child safety locks if necessary, and covering sharp corners are all still relevant.

Let them be independent and choose the right furniture

Young children like to imitate adult behaviour. By choosing the right furniture, a little helper can put away a toy, pass a nappy or pull out a book on their own. Choose cabinets and chests of drawers without sharp handles and, above all, always anchor them to the wall. A bookshelf at child’s eye level can also serve as a cage for stuffed animals or a car park. Open shelves tend to be dusty, so storing toys in boxes that children can reach themselves is ideal. When it comes to toys, less is more. Prefer toys that develop your children. To make them feel comfortable in their room, they can decorate it with your help

– stickers,

– chalkboard foil or chalkboards,

– framed pictures of favourite fairy tale characters,

– a bulletin board with shared photos and creations.

Source: Pixabay

Think about your children’s health and good sleep

The choice of all-over carpeting has been moving away from the choice of carpeting lately, but sitting on vinyl or tile for long periods of time is not the right thing for children. If you have underfloor heating and don’t want to cover the floor, at least get a piece rug or foam puzzle. Excessive sterility is detrimental, but it’s important for room maintenance that everything is easily accessible and washable. Good blackout is essential for a good night’s sleep. If you don’t have blinds or shutters in your windows, get good quality blackout curtains. A large percentage of children are scared in the dark at night, so don’t forget a small light, ideally to illuminate the path to your bedroom too.