The well-known aloe vera becomes a unique source of substances for health and beauty when grown properly

You can grow any plant in a pot today. There are species that are easy to grow and don’t need much care. Among these is aloe vera, which is mainly used in the cosmetic industry. Nothing prevents you from placing it on your windowsill. If you meet a few easy care conditions, it will reward you with lush growth and also reduce the number of air pollutants.

The plant has been cultivated since ancient Egypt

Because of its properties, it was quickly dubbed the plant of immortality. Aloe is medicinal, characterized by rosettes of characteristic leaves that are filled with a gel containing nutrients necessary for its growth. The plant is classified as succulent, meaning it tolerates high temperatures and drought well.


So how to place the aloe? For your plant to grow, it should be in the right place. This can be a windowsill in direct sunlight. A windowsill on the south or east side is best for it. Too little light could cause the leaves to turn yellow and make the whole plant more susceptible to pest infestation.

Watering and proper repotting are important


Aloe is a graceful plant and does not require much treatment. Thus, it is an ideal plant for the forgetful as it can last for longer periods of time without water. Just water it every two weeks with a small amount of water if the substrate is dry. During the growing season, which lasts from spring to October, it is advisable to fertilize it once a month with potassium-rich substrates.


If you create good conditions for aloe vera, it will grow to a substantial size very quickly. Not only will green leaves grow, but also rosettes may appear in empty spaces. This is the ideal time to transplant the plant into other containers. Place older specimens in larger pots, remove young seedlings and place them on a moist substrate to which they will acclimatise quickly. Aloe is suitable for beginners who are new to growing plants.