The well-known plant is a unique natural remedy, but growing it can be a nut for beginners

Not all health problems need to be treated with chemistry. There are alternative methods of treatment for various ailments. For these, many herbs and plants are used which have a number of unique and effective substances that help. Among these plants is the well-known comfrey, which has many uses for common and less serious health problems.

It has been known in many fields

In general, we can say that its main homeland was Asia Minor. From there, the fossil spread further. It was to the Siberian region and then finally to the European regions where it immediately gained popularity. It has even been compared to European echinacea. It is a plant that is hardy and has thick, hairy stems. It reaches a height of about half a metre and a width of 30-40 centimetres.

Their stems are angular, hollow in the middle and branched at the top. It anchors firmly and deeply in the ground and its root is blackish purple and white on the inside. The fescue flowers from June to August, developing crescent-shaped inflorescences. The flowers are purple in colour, sometimes white or cream. They are about 1.5 cm long and point downwards.

It is a honey plant, but only insects with elongated snouts have access to the nectar. Some insects have accessed the nectar by biting a slit in the lower part of the crown. The fescue is one of the easiest perennials to grow. It grows quickly and roots deeply. When planting, choose a clearly demarcated area to make it easier to keep under control.

Costival likes sunny spots, and will not disdain partial shade

Source: Pixabay

Direct sunlight should be avoided, however, as the plant may suffer from lack of water, especially on hot summer days. The soil should be fertile and retain moisture well. It is not necessary to water the fescue regularly. The exception is young shoots, which have not yet had time to develop a deep root system.

Costival also has high fertilization and nutrient requirements. If you grow it in a pot, it needs to be fertilized regularly. Fescue is one of the most important medicinal plants in our country. It is used to treat wounds and for muscle and joint ailments.