There is no harm in checking out your partner before the wedding, there are things you need to know

The butterflies in the stomach, the trembling hands and the feeling of perfect happiness. If you know these feelings, congratulations, you just fell madly in love. Love moves mountains. However, we should never let our minds be blinded and lose our ability to think logically. That’s what happens to some people when they fall in love. They can’t see their partner’s flaws and faults through their imaginary rose-colored glasses. These little things usually come to the surface years later and we suddenly wonder who it is that we are living with. This is why people divorce so often nowadays. If you want to avoid this drastic step in your life, learn to recognize the warning signs early. Key topics to be clear about with your loved one undoubtedly include:

  • The financial side of marriage and the division of responsibilities
  • Sex life and children

Money, Money, Money

We don’t want to come across as materialistic, but money is simply essential in life, and it is absolutely essential that spouses are clear in the area of finances. It’s a good idea to make a plan and agree on compromises. Who will manage the joint assets and how, what you will use to pay the bills, and whether you will invest the joint savings in anything. Of course, money is not everything in life, but you need it to provide your family with a living, a roof over their heads and at least a decent standard of living. More than one otherwise idyllic marriage has ended because of disputes over finances.


Not today, I have a headache

Sex is another material element, but one that can greatly cement a marriage. And if a man and a woman can’t reconcile in this area, it can very quickly tear them apart. In short, it is necessary to get to know each other very well first before living together. Find out what the other person’s expectations are and work to make sure you are both happy. You don’t have to jump into bed together every day (maybe for the first year or so of the relationship). The main thing is that your partner doesn’t feel pushed away and neglected.