There is no need to go to the forest for blueberries, everyone can grow this unique bush

Boruvka is loved by children and adults alike. It is a berry-like fruit containing countless health benefits. Simply put, the blueberry bush is worth having in your garden and giving it proper care. If you choose to grow one, arm yourself with patience and good care, the blueberry will surely repay you.

Both the look and the life of the bush

As mentioned, the blueberry is a shrub that can grow and fruit for up to twenty years. In the wild, blueberries can grow up to two metres tall, whereas on farms and plantations, blueberries are kept low to help keep the bushes more manageable. Their roots are narrow and more on the surface, so it will be important to keep the soil moist at all times. The blueberry bush has a narrow trunk and many branching branches that need regular pruning. Fruits can be seen from April, May to the end of June.


Conditions for proper cultivation

The borage will thrive in a sunny spot in your garden. Plant it preferably on the south side. The location should be warmer and the shrub should be tucked behind a wall for the winter, for example, to protect it from the harsh freezing winds. You will also need to monitor the soil under the blueberry to make sure it is still moist – the blueberry is extremely susceptible to lack of water.

Since the shrub is in the heath family, it needs an acidic substrate – pH 3.8-4.8 for growth and berry production. Already at pH 6, the blueberry dies at the roots. The soil should preferably be humus, moist and rich in minerals. If the surrounding soil is not acidic, we recommend adding acid peat and covering the soil around the shrub with decorative bark. Not only will the substrate be acidic, but you will also get rid of most of the weeds.


When to schedule planting

Spring, or March, will be the most ideal time to plant. If you can’t make it in the spring, plant in the fall – September, October. It is also important to remember that shrubs planted in autumn are fragile and must be perfectly protected from frost. Potted seedlings can be a solution, this will protect them better. When you go to buy blueberry seedlings, look for those that are at least two to three years old, about 40 cm tall. Such seedlings should produce the following year after planting. If you plan to buy more than one bush, plant them 1.5 to 2 metres apart. Approximately 3-5 cm deeper than the usual potted plants. Dig a hole 40-50 cm wide by 60-80 cm deep. Fill the hole with soil, peat, preferably composted pine bark and pine needles, then add plenty of water. We also recommend fertilising the blueberries, but be careful not to over-fertilise. If you have prepared the soil well, you only need to fertilise the blueberry 2-3 times a year.