These flowers are not chosen for their appearance, their uniqueness lies in their unusual scents

Creating a garden full of colour and fragrance is not difficult. It is very simple. Just choose the most fragrant flower from our suggestions and plant it in your garden. These flowers smell wonderful, but they also look wonderful. For example: musk cornflower, Peruvian heliotrope or summer leuconia. There are many more, read on.

Scented rose

This is an annual plant that has a strong but very pleasant scent. It is perfect for brightening up large corners of your garden or yard. It grows to a height of 45 centimetres and will be suitable for balcony planters, the garden and also around gazebos. This flower is ideal for cutting into bouquets. The plant is exceptional with its small flowers growing in alternating clusters. The more flowers you grow on the plant, the more intense the fragrance will be.

Grey phyllum – Matthiola incana

The gray phyllum is also classified as an annual. The beautiful purple flowers boast a sweet to slightly spicy fragrance and a large number of flowers, blooming on a tall stem. Depending on care, substrate and watering, the phiale can grow to be about the same size as an iris or daffodil. That is, to a height of about 100 centimetres. This beautiful Matthiola is also suitable as a cut flower.


Garden Carnation

Beautiful little flowers that can line a paved path in your garden. Are you tempted to stroll down a sweet-smelling aisle that will also subtly decorate your garden? Then carnations are a safe bet. You can enjoy them for a long time – from spring to autumn. In addition, carnations are very easy to care for. You can grow them on a rock garden, a stone wall or even traditionally in the soil. The flower likes dryness more than moist soil or surroundings.

Scented pea or fragrant pea

Noriginally a Sicilian scented flower that can grow up to 2 metres tall. In earlier times it was considered one of the most fragrant garden flowers ever. If you choose to cut the flowers at home in a vase, they will smell pleasantly throughout the room for up to seven days. The plant itself enriches the soil with nitrogen, so if you choose to grow it, fertilise regularly for its beauty and inflorescence, but remember that you shouldn’t overdo it with nitrogen fertiliser.