They are well known but people don’t know that these plants thrive more in the shade than in the sun

The shady corners of our gardens are often a place to relax on hot summer days, but they are not very good for the plants. For example, the areas under the treetops or on the north side of the house. Often we leave them overgrown with grass and pay no attention to them, yet even these places may no longer be empty. See which flowers benefit from shade:

Decorations not only for the garden, but also for the house

Ivy perfectly covers any surface and prevents weeds from growing on it. It will climb up the support, walls and trees, is evergreen and is also great for covering slopes. It is often used as an ornamental plant, covering the entire outside of a house with its shoots in a relatively short time. Then it just needs to be trimmed around windows or doors. The speed of growth depends on the variety you choose.


What can I use to brighten up the space under the trees?

Pachysandra canea is not very demanding to grow, but it does not tolerate waterlogging or soil that is too dry. It is evergreen, its leaves are glossy and form a beautiful contrast with the bright white flowers on the tops of the stems. The European Horsetail is also an evergreen, low and creeping perennial that can tolerate very dark corners of the garden. However, it does not like drought, so it needs regular watering. Its leaves are glossy and up to 12 cm wide. It flowers from March onwards and its flowers are reddish-brown and three-lobed.


Charming tiny flowers

Spring buds are characterized by small blue flowers with a white center, which are a bit reminiscent of the familiar forget-me-nots. It flowers from spring to March and is most often planted in beds or rockeries. It thrives best in moist soil. The triplet also likes moist soil. In winter it is a good idea to protect it from frost by covering it with fabric or mulch. It repays us with fast-growing stems topped with three leaves, between which occasionally a white or pinkish flower appears.

There are other plants that will thrive in the shade and give us their beautiful flowers and delightful fragrance. These are:

  • Runnery creeper
  • Medicinal lungwort
  • Canadian dogwood
  • Pelargonium
  • Pelargaria minor
  • Leaved forget-me-not
  • Mitrovnica
  • Violet