They don’t just help athletes and the sick, the banana is also popular with women who want a perfect figure

If you are interested in healthy eating and want to reduce your weight, you will know that it is generally recommended to enrich your diet with a regular supply of fruit and vegetables. However, some fruits come with warnings that they are more calorific and contain more sugar, and people avoid them unnecessarily. Bananas are one of these, but they can make your journey to a slimmer figure easier.

What do bananas actually contain?

Bananas contain mainly

  • high fibre (approximately 3 grams in 1 piece)
  • resistant starch
  • choline
  • glucose
  • iron
  • potassium
  • manganese
  • magnesium
  • vitamin B9, and
  • vitamin C.

As can be seen, bananas contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals and their regular consumption is therefore beneficial to health.


Why do bananas help you lose weight?

Bananas have a higher calorie value, which is important to keep in mind, but this is balanced by their high fibre content, which is crucial for healthy digestion. If your diet is designed to be rich in fibre, you will significantly reduce the risk of obesity and also contribute to feeling full. So, if you eat a banana, you will be full for a long time, not only because of the fibre content, but also because the banana also contains resistant starch, which the body does not digest.

Bananas are a favorite snack of athletes, not only because they are practically packed by nature and can be easily taken anywhere, but also because they provide quick energy thanks to glucose, which is one of the most easily digestible sugars. Even diabetics need not fear the sugar in bananas, as studies show that they too can consume them without fear.

Bananas also contain choline, which is one of the essential water-soluble nutrients. One banana contains up to 12 mg of this substance, which, in cooperation with other substances, especially vitamins, prevents fat deposition in the abdominal area. This not only improves appearance, but also protects the internal organs located in the abdomen.


How many bananas to eat and which ones?

You can have one banana a day for weight loss without any worries. If you pick up bananas at the store, focus on those that are not quite ripe yet. These bananas have a lower glycemic index and a higher resistant starch content.