Things that women used to use only to improve their health work on dandruff in their hair

Dandruff is a disease of the scalp that manifests itself as flaking of the top layer of the scalp. This disease may be accompanied by seborrhea or increased itching of the skin. A small amount of dandruff can be a normal symptom of dying and peeling skin, however, when the amount is large, it is better to start fighting. Once the problem appears, we don’t have to spend a fortune at the pharmacy immediately. There are proven and homemade ways to deal with dandruff.

Vitamin C massage

Citron can be very useful in the fight against dandruff. The method of use is simple – just cut it in half and massage one half on the scalp for 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure once a day for a week. The massage performed during this procedure helps against dandruff, improves the condition of the skin and loosens dead cells that fall off more easily. You can also squeeze the lemon and wash your head with a decoction of one tablespoon of lemon and boiled water.


The Power of Herbs

Horsetail is a medicinal and cosmetic plant, used in horticulture, as a feed or as a dye. Both its root and its leaves can be used to combat dandruff. For preparation, you need to pour boiling water over ready-made nettle tea or dried leaves (1 teaspoon per 1 cup of water). After cooling, rinse the hair with the decoction.  


Reach into the pantry!

The egg will help if the hair is more oily. Whisk the egg white, add the egg yolk and mix the foam thoroughly. Apply the mask to washed hair and massage it in gently. Cover your head with a towel, leave on for half an hour and rinse with cold water. Natural yoghurt can be used instead of egg. Massage the yogurt into the scalp, cover it with a towel and leave it on for an hour. Wash off the mask with lukewarm water. The bacteria contained in the yoghurt restore the balance of the skin. Another way to get rid of dandruff is apple juice or beetroot. Mix two tablespoons of juice from freshly squeezed fruit with water, and then rinse your head with the mixture. Beet juice is mixed with cosmetic vinegar, applied to the head and washed off. If necessary, this treatment can be repeated.