This year’s colours bring an unexpected contrast to the interior, but one that calms and lifts the mood

In the past year, more than ever, our interior has been referred to in all kinds of terms. Our home has also become our workspace. This makes it all the more important that we create an environment at home that makes us feel comfortable. Rooms should give off a warm impression because the colors in a home affect our mood.

Color of the Year 2021

When choosing the colour of the year, the experts from the American Pantone Color Institute have chosen two colours, yellow and grey. More precisely, a rich luminous yellow (Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating) and a soothing grey (Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Grey). Together, they create a very bold contrast combination that few expected. What do these colours mean? Grey symbolizes bravery, strength and fortitude. This colour has also become the colour of the year, apparently in connection with the pandemic. But it is an excellent colour for basic interior design. In fact, other colours go well with it. And from bright yellow we should get a cheerful optimistic mood.


Yellow accessories light up the interior

Forced to stay at home gives us the opportunity to change our interiors. So we can use this year’s colour hits in the home, for example on home accessories. A bright yellow colour will light up the apartment and put you in a positive mood.

  • suspension lights or lamps,
  • decorative pillows,
  • small decorations on furniture or table,
  • mats and other floor coverings.

The gray color contrasts well with the yellow. For example, a stool or a small stool will look nice in a combination of grey and bright yellow.


We can expect to find a lot of great design stuff in these color combinations. Let’s refresh our home with fashionable colour trends that will make us feel positive, bring us joy and much needed optimism. Although we have very limited opportunities to visit design fairs, manufacturers will certainly not be idle and many products will soon be found in online catalogues of home accessories.