This year’s interior trends rely on earthiness, metal and wood

Modern living requires only two things – cosiness and functionality. Comfortable, stylish, cosy and functional, modern homes are characterised by the interiors of each room forming a cohesive space that is pleasing to the eye. What are the trends in furnishing a cosy home for 2021?


Color is the foundation of every trend. For 2021, there is a clear rule – opt for earthy tones. Thus, brown, dark green, blue, caramel and grey come into the picture. These colours combine best with metal and wood, making it easy to create a cosy home. Use paler colours such as white, gold or silver to brighten up dark spaces.

Industrial style

This style is slowly replacing minimalism, but it’s not too different from it. Dark colours, functional furniture and metallic accessories will all play a major role this year. So reach for multifunctional pieces such as a stool with storage when furnishing your home. And above all, don’t forget the metal!


The best material for this year is wood, which not only has a distinctive design but also high quality. Wood is an investment for many years to come, so don’t be afraid of higher prices, you will appreciate them in the future. For example, invest in a solid wood table, chest of drawers or doors. A cheaper alternative is original wooden accessories.



The correct lighting layout depends on the location and size of the entire apartment. Discreet white spot lights that illuminate the space evenly are currently fashionable. Also very fashionable are designer and original lamps that complement the spot lighting, enliven the space and also offer the possibility of intimate and subdued lighting.



Breathe some life into your home with indoor plants to place in every room. Match your plant selection to the conditions of your home, and the conditions that the species need to survive. Flowers and plants don’t take up much space, but their effect is priceless. The trends for 2021 are climbing plants, bamboos and palms.