Three unpretentious plants can be grown by a beginner and will make a home more comfortable than any bought decoration

The tradition of growing plants at home goes very deep into the roots of human civilization. As far back as ancient Egypt, people grew flowers in containers. The Greeks and Romans planted laurels in clay pots. But it was the Chinese who first tried to create artificial gardens full of ornamental flowers more than two millennia ago. This beautiful tradition has survived to the present day and many people have made growing and caring for flowers their profession and have been involved with plants all their lives. There are many types of plants and varieties that can be grown in pots. In today’s article you will learn about the most beautiful ones.

Persian Cyclamen


In Czech, it’s called a potato plant. This elegant flower tends to be richly festooned with brightly coloured flowers with jagged edges. They range in colour from bright pink to white to bright red. The heart-shaped or kidney-shaped leaves are usually deep green with fine marbling. Potato plants thrive in a room at room temperature. They cannot tolerate direct sunlight. Reserve a shady spot in the garden. The potting soil should be kept slightly moist at all times.

Christmas Star

This strikingly beautiful flower may be known by some as the primrose or the star of Bethlehem. It boasts striking shades of red, white or creamy yellow. It likes to live in sunny places. However, it prefers a reasonable room temperature. You should water it much less in winter than in summer. This will make it last longer. Make sure your poinsettia doesn’t get sick. It can easily be harmed by:

  • Cold draughts – will cause yellowing of the leaves
  • Constantly moist substrate – causes root rot
  • Pest infestation (mostly aphids)


Indian Azalea

The last plant on our article is the azalea. This is a garden shrub that tends to be very densely branched. The branches are covered with dark green leaves and strikingly beautiful flowers (most often purple). It flowers from May to October. It prefers to grow in cool, moist soil. Therefore, find a place in your garden where conditions are suitable for your azalea.