Throwing coffee grounds in the trash is a mistake. It has many incredible uses

Coffee is a very popular beverage worldwide. It is widely and frequently consumed in our country. There are many types of coffee, but Czech consumers mainly distinguish between instant and Turkish coffee. It is the latter that we will focus on. The standard after preparation is coffee grounds, popularly known as lógr. It usually goes into the trash or the sink. This is a big mistake, however, because it has many interesting uses not only at home but also in the garden. It will turn your waste into a helper that you will regret if even a single grain ends up in the bin. And what can it be used for?

What you may not have known about coffee grounds?

  • Dampens cigarette odor
  • Acts as a natural air freshener in the car
  • Speeds up the composting process

Here are 9 reasons not to throw away coffee grounds


Coffee grounds act as a fertilizer and are an excellent aid in retaining water in the soil.

Spread the fertilizer over the plant and work it gently into the soil. For pot plants such as geraniums, mix the sedum into the soil when planting. You will be surprised by the profusion of flowers.

Pest control helper

Slugs, snails, and even cats. They can all make our time in the garden unpleasant. Sprinkle the places you want to keep away from these unwanted visitors and they will stay away. If it’s cats you’re worried about, mix extra coffee grounds with orange peel.


Do you crave a bountiful crop of carrots? Are you tempted by a bountiful harvest of this juicy and sweet root vegetable? Mix dry coffee grounds with carrot seeds and your carrots will be noticeably bigger. Why not give it a try?

Source: Pixabay


Fatty and burnt pots are no problem for coffee grounds. Simply work with it as you would with dishwashing powder.


You can also use dried lye as a great odor-fighting aid. This sometimes appears in refrigerators, especially after storing aromatic foods. Pour dried coffee grounds into a bowl and place in the refrigerator. This simple method will help you remove the smell quickly. However, don’t leave the bowl in the fridge for too long, as the absorbed smell could transfer to other foods.

A similar approach can be taken with smelly waste. Pour the dried lye directly into the sink and you will quickly get rid of the smell.

Scented soap

Try washing your hands after work with just coffee grounds. Not only will it rid your hands of the smell of, for example, slicing garlic or onions, but it will also leave your skin pleasantly soft.

Treatment of wooden surfaces

Do you long to cover unsightly gaps on your dark furniture. Coffee grounds work very well here too. Simply work the logra into the gaps and no trace of unsightly cracks will remain. It’s that simple, so why not give it a go.


Have a nice warm room and listen to the crackle of the wood. I’m sure fireplace owners will tell me that on long, drizzly evenings this idea is very appealing. But ashes can also make quite a mess. To prevent this, place a coffee grounds in the bottom of the fireplace. This will help the ashes stay where they should be.