Try using powdered sugar in the garden and for plants

Yes, it is indeed the sweet powdered sugar that is added to food to conjure up the typical and often addictive sweet taste. It is a source of energy not only for the human body but also for plants. How to use sugar to fertilise your garden or to make flowers last longer in a vase? You can read it in the article!

Extend the beauty of cut flowers in a vase

In order to keep a bouquet of plucked flowers beautiful for a long time, a mixture sold in a small bag with the bouquet is added to the water. But when you pick the flowers in the garden, or after the first water change, the question comes up, how do you replenish the nutrients now? Simply add a tablespoon or so of sugar to the fresh water. You’ll find that regular water changes with added sugar will keep your bouquet looking beautiful for longer.

For better substrate quality

When you add a little sugar to the substrate of your garden plants, or sprinkle it on your lawn, you will start to see better growth in a few weeks. This is because the added energy and nutrients from the sugar will kick-start the good bacteria in the soil that are responsible for making nutrients for the plants.


Sugar Paste Stain Remover

Sugar mixed with a little water is ideal for removing nasty grass stains. Apply the prepared paste to the spot with the green stain, leave it on for a while and then wash exactly as you are used to. The principle of removing green grass stains works thanks to the sugar enzymes that can bind chlorophyll, making it the perfect cleaner for exactly this kind of stain.

Other uses for sugar

There are other ways to use ordinary and cheap powdered sugar:

  • Cleaning scrub for hands dirty with oil
  • As an ingredient for a homemade face mask
  • Paste for catching pesky wasps
  • For longer storage of biscuits and cheese

From the above list, it’s obvious that it pays to keep a packet of sugar at home even when you’re on a diet and not baking sweet biscuits.