Unconventional method of soaking feet in a smelly bath replaces medical procedures

Problems affecting our feet can not only be varied, but they can also be numerous. Many people either resort to medical help in such cases or also resort to chemical medicines. The help can be much simpler, even cheaper. True, it may stink a bit, but on the other hand, many familiar and common problems can be eliminated. So where do you put your feet?

So many eczema problems

Eczema is familiar to everyone. Many people have dealt with it several times in their lives. And it’s on different parts of the feet, which is very uncomfortable. Such an infection arises especially in summer, when it is hot and also humid by the pool, which is a paradise for the multiplication of bacteria. However, it is not only swimming pools that can be a source of fungus, but also excessive sweating of the feet or walking barefoot in humid environments.

Source: Pixabay

Give your feet a restorative bath

If your eczema and mycosis problems have caught up with you, create a healing bath that will surely get rid of the problems. To mix the right ratio of ingredients in the bath you need:

  • a jar or other container for the foot bath,
  • 1 large glass of vinegar (any),
  • 2 large glasses of warm water.

Pour the jars of vinegar and water in this ratio until the container is full enough to dip your feet in. Relax in the bath for about 10 to 20 minutes and then dry your feet completely. You can indulge in the bath every day until the discomfort subsides.

Goodbye, sweaty feet

The familiar smell of sweaty feet is usually caused by a combination of sweat and bacteria left on your feet and in your shoes. Since vinegar can be used against both fungus and bacteria, you can use this solution to eliminate the unpleasant smell. So, if you occasionally indulge in a vinegar bath, you and those around you won’t have to plug your nose right away when you take your shoes off.

Support for dry feet and cracked heels

Dry and cracked skin on your feet not only doesn’t look good, but it can be painful and irritating. Vinegar will give your feet a shine and a healthy appearance. It’s even likely that the skin on your feet will be much smoother after a vinegar bath. Just be sure to rinse your feet thoroughly after each bath so the vinegar smell doesn’t linger on them.