Underestimating heart palpitations and treating them as trivial can pose major health risks

Excessive heartbeat can be associated with a range of health problems, from the trivial to those that can pose a health risk. Whether any steps should be taken to address the problem should always be decided by a doctor. Let’s get to know the causes that are most common:

  • cardiovascular defects
  • anxiety disorders
  • Saturday night syndrome
  • hormonal changes
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What does palpitations syndrome mean?

The definition of palpitations syndrome is a subjectively felt unpleasant sensation caused by excessive, slow or irregular heartbeat. It can be triggered by a cup of coffee in a perfectly healthy person. Sometimes, however, a more serious problem may be behind the palpitations, and it is important to consult a doctor.

In the case of cardiovascular disease or the manifestation of a congenital heart defect, there are other symptoms besides palpitations. These include chest pain, rapid breathing, dizziness and high blood pressure. You can easily measure whether you have a high heart rate. The threshold in number of beats that is considered risky is 100 beats per minute.

Source: Pixabay.com

It’s not always heart disease

Let’s get one important thing out of the way: if you’ve experienced palpitations, it doesn’t automatically mean you have cardiovascular disease. Very often, subjectively increased heart palpitations occur as a result of prolonged stress or panic attacks. In this case, palpitations can even wake you up during the night.

Alcohol can also be a culprit of excessive heart palpitations. Have you heard of the so-called Saturday night syndrome? After a heavy party, when you have been drinking or even encountered other drugs, palpitations syndrome is quite common. As we have already mentioned, the cause can also lie in hormonal changes and, for example, during menopause. 

One important piece of advice in conclusion: it is always important to look for the cause and, above all, not to stress. Remember that even in the case of unusual heart activity, it may be a complete triviality. But at the same time, think about prevention, maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of your body and mind.