Unusual tips for a green lawn all year round

Are you trying to keep your lawn beautifully green, lush and full of life all season long? You’re certainly not the only one. Some years, the care almost goes without saying and no special attention is needed. Other times, on the other hand, you can overdo it and the grass just doesn’t look right. Check out some interesting tips to help you achieve the perfect lawn.

Mow just right

To keep your grass beautifully healthy and green, don’t cut it too short. Many people choose to cut too short in an attempt to delay the next mowing. But this wears out the grass and can result in yellow or completely dry spots. The ideal stalk length after mowing is about 5 to 7 centimetres, so keep an eye on this next time.

And when is the right time to cut grass?

  • Wait for cooler weather
  • Choose days that are forecast to be followed by rain
  • Time your mowing for the early evening hours
  • Don’t rush the first mowing in spring
Source: Pixabay.com

Why leave the blades of grass a little longer?

Longer blades of grass don’t just serve to preserve the aesthetic experience of a rich green lawn. In fact, taller grass offers more biodiversity and provides better shelter for more animals. It holds water better and can withstand drier days. Cutting too low can also risk damaging roots. And once the roots are damaged, this will inevitably affect the rest of the plant.

Leave grass clippings in place

If you want to save about a third of your fertiliser and still have a beautiful lawn with plenty of nutrition, leave small grass clippings in place after mowing. Leaving them there means that water doesn’t evaporate as much and the nutrients needed to grow lush green blades are gradually distributed back into the soil. Plus, you’ll save yourself some work by not raking the tiny bits out of the lawn, but simply leaving them in place. But if you’re mowing more overgrown grass, use the clippings for compost.