Unusual yet effective milk spray provides tomatoes with the protection they need

Simple milk will protect your tomatoes from various types of fungal diseases. This eliminates the need to burden the surrounding nature with chemical products. Why is this spray so effective?

It is important that the crops we normally consume are free from chemicals contained in various pesticides or other products. These can cause health complications. Fortunately, there are a number of natural mixtures that can reliably prevent diseases. One such mixture requires ordinary milk.

A product that will make you worry less

Milk and water are all you need to make it. Dilute both liquids in a 1:5 ratio (one part milk to 5 parts water). Stir the solution thoroughly and pour it into a container with a spray bottle.

The most suitable type of milk is fresh, low-fat cow’s milk. A few drops of dishwashing liquid can be added for better holding power. Potassium soap will also serve this purpose.

Source: Pixabay.com

Apply the resulting solution to the plants regularly two to three times a week. Make sure not to leave any part of them out.

Spraying is best done in appropriate weather conditions – most often during the morning or evening hours. For plants grown outdoors, the weather or rain plays a big role. It is important that it does not rain for 2-3 days after application for an effective layer to form. High temperatures and a large amount of direct sunlight are also not suitable. In this case, the milky layer could cause leaf burn.

Why milk?

The substances contained in cow’s milk prevent the development of diseases of fungal and viral origin. This creates a protective layer that prevents infection. This spray is suitable for use regardless of the external environment. For the milk layer to be sufficiently effective, it should be applied to the entire plant, including the underside of the leaves.