Vaccine manufacturers often try to disclaim responsibility for side effects

With the rapid distribution of newly developed coronavirus vaccines also comes the question of whether these rapidly developed vaccines will really prevent further spread of the virus and whether these vaccines are really safe. Join us for a look at the potential for side effects.

In Poland, vaccine distribution is already in full swing

The government in Poland has already received 60 million vaccines from six of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers. So they have enough vaccines and are ready for the big challenge that nationwide vaccination definitely is.


In contrast, in Switzerland, the Covid-19 vaccine has been associated with a number of issues. The main reasons why the vaccine will not be used immediately in Switzerland include:

  • insufficient data to support safety
  • insufficient information on vaccine efficacy
  • little information on vaccine quality

Switzerland is making it clear that the published information is certainly not enough for them to trust the vaccine. They lack clear data on clinical testing. With vaccines being developed so quickly, you really need a lot of trust in the vaccine manufacturers and the approval authorities. The government in Switzerland certainly does not have this confidence in these two bodies.

Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe?

Two different countries, two different views on vaccination. But which one is right? Although you can read detailed information about the vaccine on various websites, it seems that this information is not sufficient. While the published side effects are negligible compared to the health protection against Covid-19, no one knows whether the vaccine could magnify the side effects over a longer period of time.


One indication that a vaccine is not 100% safe may be the vaccine package insert itself, from companies such as Pfizer or AstraZeneca. In fact, you can read from the UK vaccine leaflet that the companies disclaim all responsibility for the side effects of the vaccine. The vaccine’s response to other common drugs has not yet been tested.

In their defence, Pfizer and AstraZeneca say it is impossible to complete these extensive tests in such a short time. This is not the case for vaccines that have been in the pipeline for years.