We can’t cook with it properly, so we don’t use it. Yet it is a vegetable full of health benefits

When you say celery, every woman imagines it only as part of soups or some sauces, such as creamed sirloin. Although it does not have a pleasant taste for everyone, it is worth including it in the diet as it is a great health benefit. It is low in calories and perfectly removes toxins from the body, so it is often used in cleansing and weight loss. It contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Celery is very good for the heart because it lowers blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. This exceptionally healthy vegetable also facilitates digestion, prevents constipation and supports kidney function. It also has a beneficial effect on the skin. What other properties does celery have? How to include it in the diet?

What to know about celery?

Celery is a plant known since ancient times. It was cultivated in Greece and Rome, where it was not only a food product, but was also a valuable medicinal plant. Since the time of Hippocrates it has been used as a sedative and an effective aphrodisiac. Celery contains higher levels of vitamin C, mineral salts and essential oils.

What are its nutritional values

Celery contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a favorable proportion of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Since celery contains 95% water, it is low in calories but has a very high nutrient density. It also has a low glycemic index (IG = 15), so it can be consumed by people with diabetes or on a diet. Celery is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C, D, e and K. Among minerals, it contains potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.

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Celery is a vegetable that should necessarily be included in the diet. Its high energy value compared to low calories makes it an excellent product for cleansing and weight loss. The fiber contained in it improves digestion, satisfies the appetite in the long term, stimulates the work of the intestines and removes toxins and unnecessary metabolic products from them. Also, the essential oils present in it stimulate the production of bile and prevent its stagnation in the gallbladder. Therefore, regular consumption of celery can eliminate the problem of constipation, intestinal problems and help in losing unnecessary kilograms. Celery also has diuretic properties, improves kidney function and reduces the risk of bladder infection. It helps get rid of uric acid, which can build up in the joints and cause gout.