We keep these things in the bathroom. We don’t realize that there’s no worse place in the house

The bathroom is a place that is associated with our regular hygiene. Here we not only wash our hands and wash our whole body, but we also brush our teeth, shave or groom our appearance. And the bathroom is also a place where we leave many things hanging or stored. So that they are well at hand. And also because we think there’s probably no better place for them. But the reality is a little different. The bathroom is the worst place to put things. And what exactly are they?


We may have surprised you on the first point, but it’s true. You should only take a towel into the bathroom with you when you’re about to take a shower or get in the bath. It’s better to move the towel hooks from the bathroom to the next room. This is because the bathroom is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and mould, which thrive in the warm, humid environment. And they thrive on towels. Wiping yourself with a towel with microscopic mould on it is not a pretty sight.


More or less the same applies to bathrobes as we wrote about towels in the previous paragraph. Textiles are generally a favourite food for bacteria, and in a dressing gown they will also encounter microscopic particles of your dead skin or your hair and hair. This may not sound appealing to you, but know that the billions of bacteria in your bathrobe are seeing a feast.

Source: Pixabay

Books and Magazines

If you don’t have a bathtub, or if you don’t also have a toilet in your bathroom, you can skip this point. People don’t read in the shower, but more and more readers are admitting that a hot bath is the only place they can find time for a book. Even so, books are better in a library; they’ll just lap up the moisture in the bathroom, plus bacteria and insects like fish-eating bugs feed on the cellulose or book glue.


Ladies also like to leave jewellery in the bathroom, usually earrings, as they can easily see how the jewellery matches their make-up in front of the large mirror above the sink. However, the humidity is not good for jewellery, especially silver jewellery, which can turn black if stored in the bathroom for long periods of time.


Such perfumes and deodorants are easy to keep on hand in the bathroom, and they don’t belong there either. Rapid temperature changes in the bathroom are not good for the aromatic substances, which start to break down or change their properties. As a result, your perfume will start to lose its scent quickly or have an unpleasant bitter aftertaste.

Some people also hide unusual items in the bathroom, which is of course also not recommended. According to police reports, some thieves have managed to steal items from bathrooms, for example:

  • illegally held weapons
  • family savings
  • medical and compensatory aids
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