We only know the world-famous Asian side dish from plates, but the smart ones also store it in the cupboard

One of the most famous and most used side dishes all over the world is definitely rice. Everyone has a connection with Asia. Both in terms of location of cultivation and popularity. But rice doesn’t always have to end up on the plate. It has other, more interesting uses that are often forgotten. Rice is unique not only in terms of the number of varieties or its interesting taste. It also has unique odour-absorbing properties. And it is these that can be used very effectively in the home.

Moisture stop

If you are familiar with the rice and phone fact, you will be aware of the abilities of rice – it binds water and absorbs moisture. Certainly for many of us this information can be useful, as some homes have elevated humidity and therefore your clothes will be damp in the closet. Moisture in the wardrobe is not pleasant – it causes odours and threatens to mould clothes, leading to health problems.

Fresh the air

Absorbing moisture is not the only property of rice, it can also act as an effective air or clothes freshener. Add a few drops of your favourite fragrance essential oil to rice and you will be overjoyed with a wonderfully scented room or clothes. Don’t buy expensive air fresheners, make one yourself, very cheaply, and quickly too. You can choose the scent according to your preferences and likes, which is a plus.

Source: Pixabay


How to make such an air freshener or moisture absorber? Everyone has the raw materials at home and the process is more than simple, you can even involve the kids in the production and place the air fresheners in multiple locations. Prepare the following ingredients:

  • mice
  • favourite essential oil
  • piece of cloth
  • rubber or string

Mix the rice with 20 drops of essential oil. Now take a piece of cloth, even an old t-shirt, and cover the bowl. Fasten the cloth, cloth or T-shirt firmly to the bowl. Now the last thing to do is to place the bowl where it is needed. But be careful to place it so well that children and pets can’t get to it. After a month or so, discard the rice and replace it with a new one. We always recommend using plain white rice, not brown.

Drowned phone

Did your mobile phone fall into the water? There will be nothing easier than placing it in rice. As we mentioned above, rice perfectly absorbs moisture from your phone. Dump the rice into the zip lock bags and then place your phone in. Close the bag and leave it in the rice for at least two days. Be sure to remove the sim card and battery before placing it in the rice. We recommend that you never use a hot hair dryer to dry your electronics.

Source: https://dampsolving.com/rice-absorb-moisture/