What are superfoods? And why should we eat them?

We see the word superfoods everywhere: on TV, in grocery store aisles, and even in cosmetics. Superfoods are nothing new, yet there are many people who, due to the high media coverage, are unsure what these superfoods even are and what makes them so special. If we were to define them more closely, they are absolutely perfect and unique foods, mainly because of their composition. But how do we know that superfoods are not just a fashion trend, but a beneficial food for our health?

What are superfoods?

As we mentioned above, superfoods are unique foods that provide the body with necessary minerals and vitamins. Simply put, superfoods are an important nutritional powerhouse for the human body. Not only do we find minerals and vitamins hidden in them, but also antioxidants, enzymes and healthy fats. All the nutrients mentioned above are very important powerhouses for the body to keep you healthy and fit. These foods don’t always have to have the “superfood” logo printed on the packaging. Many of them can be found in nature or in the garden.

Source: Pixabay.com

A large number of them come from the Czech Republic

In the shops, but also on the Internet, we can find countless exotic goodies that are a fashion hit and some of them even advertising. Of course, we can also find some that are typically Czech. And if you are keen on supporting local farmers, you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

In order for your body to use all the nutrients, you should eat these healthy foods every day and, above all, eat several types, not just one kind. What foods are classified as superfoods?

  • Canadian blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Young barley
  • Flaxseed

Did you know that even such common garlic has powerful effects and acts as a natural antibiotic? Or Czech apples, which are packed with nutrients and suitable for diets? Or cherries, which purify the blood? Canadian blueberries, which can offer countless benefits, especially for women? Simply put, superfoods need to be complex. They need to offer us everything the body needs to function properly.