What is earthworm tea, what is it made for and how exactly it can benefit your garden

It has a rather strange name, so we must first clarify what earthworm tea is. It is a leachate made from the remains of fruit and vegetables, which is released and then gradually enriched with additional nutrients until it flows into a pre-prepared container. This can then be used as an excellent fertiliser. In case you haven’t tried earthworm tea yet, I recommend you get started quickly, because your garden will thank you.

How does it work?

In order to make earthworm tea at home, you will need what is called vermicompost. Whether you buy it or try to make it yourself at home out of plastic buckets, it should be a multi-tiered container where you keep earthworms, and they will help you process your household organic waste. And don’t worry, there shouldn’t be a problem with the smell at all, at the most, you may get vinegar beetles on your bio-waste. The vermicompost should also include a sump, which will be placed at the bottom, then a couple of tiers, and just a lid with air holes at the top.

What kind of earthworms to get?

The California earthworm is usually recommended, as it can have up to twice the appetite of the common Bohemian earthworm. 500 g of such earthworms will process up to 250 g of bio-waste. However, the dung beetle can also be used. However, in the case of outdoor vermicompost, both species must be left to overwinter in a bucket in the cellar.

Source: Pixabay.com

Benefits of earthworm tea

The vermicomposting method is currently considered the most efficient type of composting, for several reasons.

  • has regenerative effects
  • helps plants increase their resistance to drought
  • contains many minerals and beneficial substances
  • protects the plant against pests

And if you are not interested in keeping earthworms at home, you still have many other alternatives. You can try to find some local vermicomposters who will certainly provide you with earthworm tea for a small fee. It is also possible to buy it online, many offers will pop up for this product already. Either way, I recommend you treat your plants to this wonderful fertilizer, and they will be happy to repay you with more of their fruits.