What is the Scandinavian style of living and how to achieve it?

If you are at least marginally interested in trends in home furnishing, you could not miss the concept of Scandinavian style and design. With e-shops focusing on Nordic-style accessories, the bag is literally bursting at the seams and cosy minimalism can be seen in all the housing magazines. Do you like this style? We’ll give you advice on how.

Quality materials, light and no dust collectors

Most homes decorated in Scandi style have a few common denominators:

– large windows,

– the use of natural and muted colours,

– airy interiors and minimalist furnishings.

This style is sharply defined against the ornate Provance-type trends that were popular a few years ago. The idea is to refrain from being too ornate and colourful, allowing your living space to breathe while making it a place where no one feels cramped. Among other things, such a home is also easier to keep tidy, as you don’t have to dust off clouds of statues and other decorative objects every time you wipe. And a tidy home is closely linked to mental well-being.

Get rid of stuff, don’t shop mindlessly and get back to nature

Scandinavian-style accessories should be high quality and last as long as possible. Natural materials are preferred. Wood accessories, candles, plaids, green plants warm up sometimes rather cold interiors. There is no need to immediately get rid of everything that goes against the general concept of this trend; every home is unique, as are its inhabitants, and none of us wants to live in a catalogue apartment whose furnishings say nothing about its owners.

Source: Pixabay.com

Hygge: home comfort and Scandinavian style go hand in hand

The Danish word hygge refers to a relaxed lifestyle, enjoying the small pleasures… and this also applies to the environment we live in. It’s no coincidence that Scandinavian nations are regularly named the happiest in the world.