When the washing machine stinks, housewives recommend cleaning with a flavoring agent for a few crowns

If you’re surprised by an unpleasant smell when you open the door, it’s time to check and clean your washing machine. Bacteria are most often to blame, as they multiply happily on deposits of detergent and dirt.But mould can also cause a musty smell, which can contaminate water and laundry if left untreated. You can easily tell that something is wrong even during the washing process, as you can smell the musty odour when you finish washing.

Detergent won’t help

If you thought strong fabric softener might be the solution, we’re sorry to disappoint you because not only does it not beat the smell, it doesn’t even solve the cause. So the only way out is to clean your washing machine properly and then take precautions against mould and bacteria growth. And what are these measures? Focus on the following:

  • Wash on higher temperatures more often
  • Check the condition of the hoses
  • Let the washing machine and the dispensing drawer dry
Source: Pixabay.com

Ocet as a solution

If you’ve already neglected regular maintenance of your washing machine, get started. You can find a number of special products on the market for this purpose, but there are also cheaper options. If you’ve discovered dried-out deposits in your washing machine, use 1 litre of 20% vinegar poured into the drum. After the time has elapsed, run the basic programme. The vinegar will soften the residue beautifully and the warm water will easily wash it away.

Higher dose of powder

If you have a problem with water hardness and want to remove the slimy coatings that cling to the walls of your washing machine. Reach for more washing powder. Simply fill the dispenser to the maximum and then run the 95-degree program. After cleaning, leave the basic programme running to completely remove loose dirt. This process is also worthwhile if you take work clothes and heavily soiled laundry more often, as the powder is also excellent for meat deposits. 

Source: Pixabay.com

Nothing helps?

If you have tried the advice above and still nothing has worked, the problem is probably somewhere other than directly in the washing machine drum. So check the hoses and door seals, and if you can’t find the source of the smell there either, look at the filter. This is located at the bottom of the washing machine. Carefully unscrew it counterclockwise and you might even be surprised what you find. It’s often where tissues, coins, buttons, paper clips or hair get caught. Clean the filter thoroughly with a little detergent and put it back in place, the smell should subside.