When they arrive, they usually end up on the mat, yet not only in winter do shoes require more care to serve as they should

Many people only address shoe care when they’re already dirty. That’s not entirely a good thing, as you’re not protecting them preventively against dirt and the outside elements. Then you may end up shortening the life of your favourite shoes and have to go to the store for new ones sooner. If you are now telling yourself that you take good preventive care of your shoes, that you impregnate them before you wear them, you will be disappointed. It’s the better option, of course, but your shoes still don’t get the care they need to last you a long time.

Shoes that last very long without care are very few indeed. Exceptionally you may come across such a pair of shoes, but these days it’s rather rare. That’s why it’s a good idea to take care of your shoes preventively, not just clean them when they’re dirty. Yes, some shoes today you have the option to wash in a washing machine, this will of course reduce the work around them to a minimum. But you can’t afford to do that for all shoes. To know how you should take proper care of your shoes, read this article to the end. You will find two very important pieces of information:

  • how to care for your shoes preventively
  • special information for leather shoes
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You should give your shoes a little TLC every day


Shoes need to be cleaned on the outside, but we can’t forget that they also need to be cleaned on the inside. Cleaning your shoes from the outside is not a complicated thing. It is very useful to wipe the shoes with just a damp cloth. If there is more dirt on them, just take a soft brush or brush, wipe them gently with it and finally with a damp cloth. For plastic shoes, you can apply a little soap or any detergent to a damp cloth.

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How to properly care for leather shoes

Leather shoes are very sensitive to scratches. Therefore, under no circumstances should you clean leather shoes with a brush. Therefore, you need to take care of leather shoes gently and sensitively. Otherwise, the shoe could be deformed and the tissues could be damaged. For leather shoes, it is ideal to have a supply of impregnation and various creams at home directly on the leather material.

Always pay attention to the material of the shoes. What and how you clean them always depends on its material. Improper care could ruin your shoes, which would be a great pity. Therefore, follow the advice and do not clean your shoes with anything that is not suitable for them. They will reward you with a long-lasting beautiful appearance and durability. And that’s worth it.

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