Who puts a coin in the freezer can save thousands and avoid health problems

The freezer is nowadays quite common in modern households. Some people have it separately, others as part of the fridge. Its advantages are clear. Thanks to freezing, we can preserve food for months, compared to the days it would last in a regular fridge. But what can be a risk is a poorly functioning freezer.

One that can, in some cases, fall out and stop cooling. In this case, the temperature inside can fluctuate, which is certainly not harmful to the food stored. How to avoid this condition? Not without repair. And how do you even find this condition? It’s easier than many people think.

In your absence

When you go on holiday, you make sure everything is taken care of – heating, pets, closed windows. Of course, one thing you can’t cover is the freezer. When the power goes out in the home, such a freezer can be at its worst. But how do I find out if I don’t have a digital clock? And what’s the big deal if the power goes out for a few hours? If the power is cut for, say, three hours, nothing that bad will happen, but if the power goes out for a whole day, there can be complications associated with the food placed in the freezer.

Particularly if you have chicken, but also other meats placed there. If the meat is thawed and then frozen, it will not taste good. In addition, bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli form in it. By thawing the meat, the bacteria multiply. Once the meat is frozen again, the bacteria become immobile, but when the meat is thawed again, the bacteria revive. If these bacteria multiply more than they should in a person’s gut, major health problems can occur.

Source: Pixabay

Don’t put yourself and your loved ones at risk

Not to mention other foods that don’t taste good at all when repeatedly defrosted. A very simple trick can tell if your freezer has thawed or if everything is as it should be. To do this, use these two things:

  • Butter tub
  • Minci

Fill the plastic tub with water and leave it in the freezer to freeze. Once the water in the tub freezes completely, then place the coin on the ice and put back in the freezer. When you return from vacation and the coin is still in the same place, all is well. Once the coin is at the bottom of the tub, the freezer has been thawed.