Why we don’t feel comfortable at home: Colors, materials, furniture and lack of nature are to blame

Home is a place of peace and harmony, so friends and family should feel that way. This fact is not only transferred to the home environment, but also to the office and other public places. Everywhere we go, we want to feel comfortable, calm and at ease. Some places, on the other hand, give the opposite impression. Sometimes it can even be our home. How can we bring comfort and peace into our home interiors?

Natural materials

You should look around you first. What is the predominant material in your home? Is it clutter, chaos and only industrial materials? Try furnishing the space with natural accessories. Place indoor plants in the room, especially those that are always a beautiful green colour. For example, dracena, mother-in-law’s tongue and others. Among other things, plants have the ability to purify the air of poisonous gases. Also, replace metal with wood. It will be enough if you use, for example, decorations made of natural materials, wool blankets and others. Simply try to create a sustainable environment over time. Such an interior will give a feeling of harmony and contentment.

Source: Pixabay.com

Harmony Style Furniture

Nature will not only be perfect as decoration and accessories, but in an interior where well-being is meant to reign, you’ll need nature to show up on the things you use every day. We mean furniture, of course. Choose furniture made of wood. Nowadays, it is no longer a requirement that wooden furniture is overpriced. Often such quality furniture is in the same price range as furniture made of plastic. For example, a spruce bed or a coffee table and chests of drawers will not cost a fortune and will ensure comfort in the interior. In the kitchen, on the other hand, a stone countertop on the kitchen counter, wooden shelves, as well as stairs will be ideal. These materials correspond to the biophilic style. And what is the best? Such elements, furniture and materials will last for many decades. They become a lifelong investment, do not harm health and radiate harmony.

Source: Pixabay.com

Light and Color

Not just furniture and plants, but also color and plenty of light play a major role here. Choose a colour that makes a calming impression on you. Usually beige, green and light brown. However, it is also important to remember that colours have a different effect on everyone, so make sure you have an agreement with the whole family. The above colours should give a calming and fresh impression. Green blends in with a harmonious interior, while white and grey visually enlarge the space. We recommend complementing white and grey with warmer accessories in larger quantities. For example, the aforementioned natural decorations.