Working from home has become a 2020 phenomenon, bringing benefits to employees and employers alike

The year 2020 will go down in history because of the coronavirus pandemic, but it is also certain that this period will be remembered as a milestone in changing the way people are employed.

Homeworking, or working from home, has been a common form of employment in developed countries for many years, and in the second half of this year it became very popular in the Czech Republic as well. „The possibility to work from home is well enabled not only by domestic legislation, but also by modern technological innovations, which can ensure the necessary high efficiency of various work activities even for home office workers,&#8220 points out Richard Baar, CEO and founder of Daktela.

According to an October survey by the National Economic Institute of the Czech Republic, nearly a third of Czech workers switched to working from home this spring during the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, and the same can be expected now in the fall during the second wave. The advantage for employers in this method of employment is that they can use smaller office space than before and save on rent.


Homeworking, on the other hand, is popular with employees because it allows them to balance work and family life more naturally.

There are certain risks involved in the so-called home office, especially for employers, who are forced to monitor the security of company data and, above all, struggle with adherence to the work schedule. „The problem of maintaining work efficiency even with homeworking can now be solved very elegantly using sophisticated communication systems. For example, Daktela’s system allows managers to effectively manage even those employees who work from home. They can easily and quickly find out who is working on what, how much has been completed and what is left to do. Everything can be checked, measured and resolved in one place. Tasks can be assigned to individuals or specific teams, and work can be flexibly passed between each other at any stage of the task, including internal comments,“ says Richard Baar of Daktela and adds: „Our system enables remote working in general for customer service centres, e-shops, retailers or salespeople.“

In automated communication systems, previous communication can be attached to each request for greater clarity, whether it was in the form of emails, SMS, social media or internal comments.


All attachments and call recordings are available. If you use speech-to-text technology, you can also have a transcript of these recordings with quick search capability. This makes orientation in a situation that is currently being dealt with or has been dealt with before very quick for anyone. In addition, the popularity of working from home is confirmed by a number of recent statistics and surveys, according to which up to 90 percent of employees are concerned about the return of the old way of working and the loss of flexibility, and would like to expand the possibilities of homeworking in the future.

Source: TZ