Would you like to start running? Read these 5 tips

Have you been thinking about taking up running for months but still can’t seem to take that first step and get started? Then today might be the right time for you. It’s all about making the decision and following through with a strong will. Running is a beautiful sport, and once you get into it, you’re sure to love it and do something for your health in the process. These 5 tips will help you get started.

Get good quality running shoes

You may be telling yourself right now that sneakers will definitely do the trick, and that you’ll invest first when you get some running in. This is logical, however, think about your joints as well. So before you head out for your first miles, take your time and visit a running shoe store, where they’ll be sure to give you some advice. However, think ahead about where you will be running most often. If it’s more likely to be:

  • Forest and dirt paths
  • Stony paths
  • Concrete and asphalt paths

Choose suitable terrain

Every beginning is difficult at first, but if you start already, you have already achieved half of your success. The hardest part is always getting started. It’s a good idea to choose easier routes to start with, ones that are mainly flat and not full of hills that can quickly tire you out and discourage you without fitness.

Source: Pixabay.com

Create your motivation

Nothing can be done without motivation, so set a goal you want to achieve. Create your why. Answer why you want to run, what it will bring you. Would you like to train for a marathon or just improve fitness and lose weight? Goals are very important and will motivate you in harder times where you could easily give up.

Get out and run

If you’re ready and properly motivated, put on your new sneakers and simply run. In the beginning, focus on endurance rather than speed. You shouldn’t get too out of breath while running. If you are not at all trained, a fast walk called Indian Run, which is a regular alternation of walking and running, will be ideal for you.

Be persistent

If you find you have no stamina in the beginning, don’t despair, it’s perfectly normal. Instead of negative thoughts, think of your goal and persevere. With regularity, the desired results and the newfound joy of moving in the fresh air will come quickly.