You can bring tiny critters home with your food, dispose of them mercilessly

Did you discover food pests in your pantry at home? Quickly get rid of them! Don’t be too scared because this occurs very often, you are not alone. Unfortunately, you can take such a little enemy from the store and unknowingly create the perfect conditions for it to breed at home. You need to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Some can carry infections and contaminate your favourite foods. How do you fight them?

And those moths again

Do you know food moths? Have you had the pleasure of meeting them? Surely you know that getting rid of these little critters is no mean feat. Their larvae can crawl up walls and move to other places and foods. Rice, oatmeal, cornmeal, white flour and other loose foods are the most popular for them.


The beetle that is the scourge of millers

Another pest is the tiny black beetle, which is the bane of all millers. If it appears in the flour, it needs to be got rid of quickly. These are small beetles, 2-5 millimetres in size. Their larvae, called mealworms, are 12-16 mm long. They don’t like high or low temperatures. A little bug like that can cause a lot of havoc. It feeds mainly on cereal products, which it can contaminate. The flour and other products have an unpleasant smell.


Get rid of them

You need to get rid of them immediately. And the only way to do that is to throw away any loose stock as soon as you’ve spotted one of the pests. Then you should clean everything properly – the containers, but also the cupboards. To make sure there are no larvae or beetles left, use proven disinfection methods. Bring water and vinegar to the boil and then seal this liquid in the cabinet where the pests were. Once the liquid has cooled, remove it and wipe down the cabinet. In addition to throwing away any contaminated food and washing the cabinet, you can also use repellents. For example, such as bay leaf, vanilla, mint, anise or cloves scattered around the cabinet will work well. To prevent pests from returning, store your bulk foods only in well-sealed jars.