You can cook eggs properly without water, just the hot air trick

Modern cuisine is always coming up with something new, unconventional and novel. Did you know that you can cook eggs without water? Cooking eggs is definitely not an easy discipline, even for experienced and professional cooks. It may seem simple, but anyone will tell you that it is not. Cooking eggs is a big topic in the Czech Republic as well, because many of us have eggs at home and it is simply a favourite ingredient among us.

At first glance, it may seem that hard boiled eggs are very easy to cook. But once you try it, you realise that it’s not so easy after all. Especially if you want it cooked really well and you want it to peel well. The key is of course the cooking time, but also the temperature of the water and the quality of the eggs.

Do you know the right time?

It is not easy to determine the exact cooking time, because a lot depends on the quality and age of the eggs. You may not even hit the time the eggs should be kept in water after cooking, which can affect the shell. This makes it difficult to remove it afterwards. That’s why experts have come up with a new method of preparing hard-boiled eggs that will make sure the egg is always ready and the shell peels well.


A new way of cooking

A new cooking method is coming into vogue lately that promises perfect results even for those who have never managed to prepare eggs properly. The trick is pretty simple, but you’ll need a few things to do it. Forget the classic pot and water right away, though. To prepare your favourite delicacy you need:

  • eggs (ideally fresh and homemade),
  • hot air fryer.

How to proceed? Simply put the eggs in the hot air fryer for 12 minutes at 130 degrees and you’re done. A hot air fryer is one that works without oil. It’s great mainly because it heats up to the desired temperature and circulates air under pressure in the cooking area. This allows you to cook food evenly, regardless of the ingredients used.