You can make a home freshener for a few crowns and it will smell nicer than expensive sprays with chemicals

Are you one of those people who can’t afford natural fragrances instead of cheap chemical substitutes? Would you rather pay extra for a real essential oil and leave the synthetic one on the shelf for someone else? Then you will be interested to know that there is a cheaper way to do it. Most of you will be familiar with the magic of an aromatherapy lamp, but have you heard that such an aromatherapy lamp can also be used very well for herbs, spices or fruits?

How to use an aromalamp for bulk mixtures

Aromalampa is a tea light candle holder over which a small bowl of fragrance or essential oil is placed. If you tweak it a little, this gives you a great way to extract the scent directly from the plant or fruit. Replace the bowl with any non-flammable strainer. You can buy a strainer designed specifically for an aromatherapy machine, but a regular bath strainer will do the same for you. Light a tea light candle and place the blend you want to scent your home on the strainer above it. For effective scenting you need to follow these two principles:

  • The mixture must be perfectly dried
  • Use only a small amount, herbs smell strong


You can use whatever you have on hand

While the smell of spices is typical of the Christmas season that is now behind us, it doesn’t have to be just Christmas mixes. Try using leftover zest from a lemon, orange, or tangerine. Pepper, cloves, allspice, and various herbs such as basil, sage, Provençal herbs, and others will also smell nice.

If you have herbs in season in your garden, or just in pots on your balcony or patio, remember them and dry more than usual. They don’t just come in handy for colds in the winter months, you can use them again to scent and create a pleasant atmosphere. With mint, lavender and sage you definitely won’t go wrong. It’s not a bad idea to hide and dry the blossoms of fragrant plants. Perhaps a rose will still do a great service after it has flowered. If you have the opportunity, dry a fallen pine branch or pick up some bark from the ground, there is no limit to your imagination.